e sync your sales platforms; Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook with your bookkeeping software Quickbooks Online, and each of your merchant account payment platforms; Paypal, Square, Stripe, without using expensive 3 rd party apps. We process your sales tax filings from these sales channels for all states.

Sales tax nexus

Do you need a sales tax nexus analysis? We look at all your sales channels data, prior and present, then analyze each channel for sales tax nexus. Once complete we provide a list of sales tax nexus states that will need implementation or voluntary disclosure. Then we get busy helping you solve this dilemma.

Sales tax audits

Due to the current US crisis with covid, states sales tax revenues have plummeted. Trying to recover from these losses, states will be looking at eCommerce sooner rather than later. Are you prepared? Do you know what sales channels are correctly collecting on you’re behalf, and which ones are not?

Who is liable for sales tax collection

You are! When you make a sale online shipping to a destination sourced address, you are liable to collect sales tax by state, county, city, and special jurisdictions, based on each states threshold requirements. Do you know you’re states nexus? Accounting/Bookkeeping for eCommerce We prefer landed cost. Grabbing all your data from your selling platforms then simply dumping these details into your bookkeeping software is simply reporting. We prefer to supply our clients with the needed financial details for sales, discounts, refunds, gift cards, grab bags, cost of goods sold, shipping and merchant fees by sales and payment platforms. This way the client will know what products are profitable and which ones are not. Remember the old adage; garbage in = garbage out. If your current bookkeeper must use a 3rd party app to sync your bookkeeping system with your selling and payment platforms, it’s time to find an eCommerce Accountant. mailing address

When will the sales tax audit happen? Are you ready?
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